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Free Boiler Grant Nottingham

Boiler grants in Nottingham are available to homeowners who are struggling with an inefficient or faulty heating system. These grants can provide financial assistance to help cover the cost of a new boiler, making it more affordable for households on a low income or receiving certain benefits. In Nottingham, there are government schemes available that offer free boiler grants to eligible households.

Government Boiler Scheme in Nottingham

One such scheme is the Energy Company Obligation (ECO), which provides funding for energy-efficient improvements in homes. This can include free boiler grants for households that meet certain criteria, such as being on a low income or receiving certain benefits. The ECO scheme is designed to improve energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions, helping to tackle climate change.

Eligibility Criteria

To qualify for a free boiler grant in Nottingham under the ECO scheme, you will need to meet certain eligibility criteria. This may include being in receipt of certain benefits such as Unemployment, Pension Credit or Child Tax Credit, or having a low income. Additionally, your current boiler will need to be inefficient or faulty, and you must own your own home or rent from a private landlord.

Installation and Additional Measures

If you are eligible for a free boiler grant in Nottingham, the installation of your new boiler will be carried out by a certified installer. This will ensure that the boiler is installed to the highest standards and meets all safety requirements. You may also be offered additional energy-saving measures, such as insulation or draught-proofing, to further improve the efficiency of your home.

Boiler grants in Nottingham

Take Advantage of Boiler Grants in Nottingham

In conclusion, if you are a homeowner in Nottingham and are struggling with an inefficient or faulty boiler, a free boiler grant may be available to you. By taking advantage of government schemes such as the ECO scheme, you can upgrade your heating system and save money on your energy bills. Contact get a free boiler on 0800 246 1797 to find out more about boiler grants in Nottingham and how to apply.



To learn more please about this scheme please visit the GOV.UK website. You can read more about what the energy company's obligations provides for Free boiler funding.