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Wall Insulation Government-Funded Energy Heating Grants

You may be eligible for a grant for solid wall insulation with getafreeboiler if your home has solid brick or solid stone external walls; that is the case.

Solid Walls Insulation Grants

The Government’s ECO Scheme offers grants for solid wall insulation as part of its household insulation program.

Insulation for solid external walls applied on either the outside of the wall (External Wall Insulation) or the inside (Internal Wall Insulation).

The Solid Wall Insulation Grant can assist in the cost of installing both external wall insulation and internal wall insulation for your property.

Solid Wall Insulation Grants – External Walls Insulation

A layer of external wall insulation is using to insulate the external surface of the walls of your home by fixing a layer of insulation material to them. This render or cladding is covering over the whole structure with a special render. Depending on your preference, the finished surface may be smooth, textured, painted, tiled, paneled, pebble-dashed, or finished with brick slips.
Insulation for external walls installed without affecting the inside of your home and will not diminish the floor area of your home.
The insulation of the outer walls of your home will change the appearance of the outside of your home. Consider this if your home has stone walls that are part of its architectural design.
Your home better insulated in terms of weatherproofing and noise resistance if you install external wall insulation.
You can extend the life of your external walls by insulating them to protect the bricks outside of your walls.
The use of external wall insulation can reduce condensation on internal walls and help prevent dampness from occurring on those walls (though it will not solve the issue of rising dampness).
An external wall insulation project may require planning permission to proceed.
The external wall insulation of your home needs to easily accessed to installed.
The use of external wall insulation in your home is not recommending if the outer walls are structurally unsound.
External wall insulation grants are available to help install solid wall insulation.

Solid Walls Insulation Grants

A solid wall insulation grant applied under the Affordable Warmth Scheme of the Government’s Green Economy scheme.
An ECO levy is imposing on every household’s electricity bill. The funds go to the ECO Fund. It provides grants for installing new heating systems and insulation in homes.
Homeowners receiving one of the qualified benefits are eligible for Solid Wall Insulation Grants.

External wall Insulation
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To learn more please about this scheme please visit the GOV.UK website. You can read more about what the energy company's obligations provides for Free boiler funding.