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Boiler Replacement

As a part of the UK government’s Energy Company Obligation (ECO) Energy grant scheme. If you receive a qualifying benefit from the state and you have a boiler that is over 12 years old, non-condensing. Then you might be eligible for grant funding for a FREE brand new A-rated energy efficient boiler replacement cost.

A free boiler grants is funding by UK energy companies and does not require repayment.

Home Heating Cost Reduction Obligation (HHCRO)

The Home Heat Cost Reduction Obligation, also known as the HHCRO, is a government grant program. That provides free boiler replacement cost and insulation grants to homeowners, tenants, and landlords who receive certain means-tested benefits. It aims to improve fuel efficiency amongst low-income households the heat is using generated in the home . As efficiently as possible and that the heat does not escape and becomes a source of pollution.

Eligible benefits

The eligibility for a free boiler grant will depend on some factors. Firstly, a permanent resident of the property must be receiving one of the following benefits to qualify for residency, such as:

The Child Tax Credit

Benefits for children (with a qualifying household income)

Tax credit for working

Credit for pensions

Allowance for job seekers

The Universal Credit system

Benefits such as employment and support allowances

Benefits related to housing


Ideally, the property should already have at least one low-efficiency boiler installed. An energy efficiency rating is giving to each boiler based on its efficiency. Most modern heat pumps can run with an efficiency of around 90% (only losing 10% of their output when converting fuel into heat). The efficiency of a boiler installed approximately 12 years ago is most likely in the range of 65-80%. The fact that this old boiler is being upgrade to a new one means that. The carbon savings will be significant enough to justify the expense, and therefore it will fall under the free boiler energy scheme.

In recent years, the free boiler scheme has reduced funding. As part of an agreement to reduce the fuel bills of utility companies to their customers. This has made it more difficult to find installers that have funding available. Particularly since most of the big six utility companies have already achieved their targets for this year. Our team believes that this trend will continue for some time yet. However, there is still a possibility of receiving a free boiler grant. And we can assist you with this at

Gov UK


To learn more please about this scheme please visit the GOV.UK website. You can read more about what the energy company's obligations provides for Free boiler funding.